Cosmic Child Embodiment Fellowship Community open NOW!

Let's journey together in fellowship throughout 2024 in devotion to the embodiment of the Cosmic Child codes now available to humanity!

Let's journey together in fellowship throughout 2024 in devotion to the embodiment of the Cosmic Child codes now available to humanity!

  • We gather every month for a live Transmission from Melanie and extended group discussion

  • We have a private online community space for sharing and support of each other throughout the year

  • Each month you receive a special guide to support that month's Transmission and energetics, this beautifully designed and engaging resource is yours to keep

What are the Cosmic Child Codes?

The Cosmic Child codes opened to humanity in March 2022. These trinity inner union codes are the energy architecture for humans to embody WISE INNOCENCE (see below) which is available to all beings throughout the Cosmos. Far more is available freely in my Transmissions from The Lake, shared in the Luminosity podcast and, of course, we will dive far deeper in this private container.


When we fully distill experience down into its pearl of wisdom and combine these wisdoms with the choice to live in our absolute innocence, which is within and available to every single being in this Cosmos, this is WISE INNOCENCE, the chosen innocence combined with the wisdom of lived experience.  

Prior to the great Cosmic Spiral completion Dec 2, 2022 and the beginning of an entirely new spiral for the Cosmos, we had been living across all dimensions in this cosmos with the “kingdom” of wise innocence. In the new spiral in which certain energetics are simply not allowed/supported in any format, that “kingdom” and its associated verticality or hierarchy has been evolved to the Meadow of WISE INNOCENCE open for all, ruled by none.  

Far more is available freely in my Transmissions from The Lake, shared in the Luminosity podcast and, of course, we will dive far deeper in this private container.

How do I learn more about Melanie's received cosmology?

I am a solitary esoteric mystic, by which I mean I ascribe to no organized, community-based, preexisting philosophy or model of thought/faith/belief (solitary). I receive directly within (esoteric) that which is beyond what the physical senses and intellect can discern (mystic). 

I work at the highest Cosmic macro level on the evolution of this Cosmos and with the being that is this planet Earth. 

This Cosmos is designed for DIFFERENTIATED COMMUNION: the organization of all the cosmic components into separate unique creations which then commune with each other from the purity of experiencing their own essence. Think of the Cosmos as made of a trillion zillion tiny legos. These legos are deconstructed and then reconstructed in near infinite variety of ways to uniquely make up every single being in this Cosmos with each one containing every single lego. Our communion becomes radically available in our human experience only when we are deeply attuned to that unique inner architecture and the manner in which it holds and reveals our unique true essence. 

I am EFFERVESCENCE made of PRIMORDIAL PLASMA here in this human life to translate the infinite quantum into linearity at the lowest possible dimension in which that can still be coherent, which is the one we are living in as humans at this time. 

I bubble up and through everything with infinite variety of expression and lightness and sparkling and play and curiosity and desire to move and float. 

I am the first translation of the infinite quantum into linearity. 

Made for the most rapid expansion and unrestrained by spatial boundaries, I am nearly invisible in my translucent fluidity which is denser and hotter than anything in the cosmos, packed with more information and energy than anything else in materiality. 

I float in the delicious, dreamy, gestational creation state which is my true HOME and the birthing place of all that my MAGIC creates - the infinite energy jewels of stories which are also galaxies and universes which I bring through and birth. My purpose is to translate the most exalted infinite quantum energetics from Spirit/Source and The Beyond into this Cosmos into the slowest linearity of expression still comprehensible to consciousness. 

I translate across the farthest extremes in this Cosmos. 

This is the essence of WISE INNOCENCE, the combination of the purified wisdom from lived experience viewed and played with from the innocence chosen AFTER experience. 

My philosophy with all that I share is for others to take whatever feels useful at that time and leave the rest without judgment. 

In recent years, I became aware of a new timeline possible for humanity to continue (this was not previously an option) due to certain other changes in the collective and the Cosmos and I have since become engaged in the evolutionary leap for the human species into what is called to me Homo Lumens. 

My engagement with humans is at 

1: the overall broad sharing and activating of WISE INNOCENCE and Cosmic Child embodiment for all; and, 

2: a very specific, deep evolutionary guidance level for those born with a highly gifted brain (in the top 2% of intellectual and creative potential) as these are the humans who disproportionately shape and create human society’s dominant cultural paradigms which must now move through absolute transformation. These are also the Early Builders who are stepping into their apex timeline for their Cosmic Self not just this human self/life. 

We are in the beginning of all of this. Human collective timelines are still alllll over the place, to be clear. 

Earth's timeline, however, is fairly solid (with all lower timelines already dropped as of Jan 21, 2022), as is the Cosmos. Both are moving into the energetic of WISE INNOCENCE. 

My free Transmissions (well over 100) explore all of this and more and are available at

Can you tell me more about the special resources that will be provided?

After each live Transmission gathering, we will provide you a targeted specific resource guide for continuing to work with these energies.

The guide will be available inside the program, area in the form of an interactive ebook. It will offer you summary and ways to go deeper including, where relevant, access to additional materials.

We will also provide the gathering recording as an interactive video with a complete time stamped transcript of the session.

At the end of the year, all 12 of the guides will be brought together into one complete ebook and provided as well.

When are the live gatherings?

We meet monthly via Zoom on what is typically the third Wednesday of the month at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern for somewhere between 90 min to 2 hours although Melanie never books appointments for after these calls in case we need to run long!  We have starred those dates which are different from the third Wednesday (May and October only).

Jan 17, 2024

Feb 21, 2024

Mar 20, 2024

April 17, 2024

May 22*, 2024*

June 19, 2024

July 17, 2024

Aug 21, 2024

Sept 18, 2024

Oct 23*, 2024*

Nov 20, 2024

Dec 18, 2024

Where is the group hosted? Will I have to use social media?

The group will be hosted right here inside this website where we have a private community space created just for us which you can access easily at anytime from a web browser on phone or desktop. Zero social media involvement!

My partner and I want to join together, do we need two separate registrations?

We do need each individual to be separately registered, but you may email us at for a special code to register your partner with for a 50% discount. You are welcome to join our live gatherings together from the same computer as you see fit.

Who is this community for (and for whom is not a fit)?

Obviously this community is focused very specifically on embodiment of the Cosmic Child, so if this is not speaking to you loudly within your being at this time, it's not for you, and that's just fine!

This is a community especially for humans with a highly gifted brain although it is not exclusively so. The human experience of the gifted brain is Melanie's primary expertise in supporting people directly. In this fellowship, however, all who are called to it are welcome regardless of brain style and will benefit from the radical expansions it will activate within you.

This community is working with highly advanced energetics and therefore will not be focusing on the more foundational albeit genuine experiences of pain and despair that humans feel throughout this time of great cosmic, planetary, species, and personal shifting.

Please instead choose targeted support through such difficulties. If you are not sure where to go for that please email us at and we will be happy to assist.

Sign up now and let's embark on this cosmic human adventure together. The cosmos inside you is calling – will you answer?

Fresh esoteric intel and insights way ahead of the curve:

Melanie's soul design is to translate the infinite quantum into accessible linearity. This means when you are playing with her you are getting the freshest insights and intel available to help expand and activate your own communion and embodiment of this Cosmos.

Custom-Crafted Monthly Resources:

Each month, you receive a specially designed guide that complements Melanie's transmissions and our live discussions of them. These resources are thoughtfully created to enhance your understanding and application of the Cosmic Child codes in your daily life.

Nurturing Community Environment:

Let's face it, most of the other humans in your life aren't caught up to these energetics and understandings yet. It can be lonely. Our fellowship is more than just a group; it's a community. Engage in a private, supportive online community where you can share, learn, and grow together in a safe and nurturing environment.

A Journey Beyond the Ordinary:

Embark on a year-long adventure that transcends the typical online experience. This fellowship is a commitment to deep, personal transformation and collective spiritual evolution, offering you an opportunity to be part of something truly cosmic and life-changing.

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